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Well not as he has been sold to you. As far as the Quran goes, You have the hafs with its vowels and diacritical marks which was written about the mid 8th Century. What he found were things in the Quran which did not make sense. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. He has degrees coming out of his arm pits. Bekkah is mentioned. It was a sucker punch, hard and bone crushing. Watch and learn, Kmak. Relation to the rights to free speech and assembly. [60] Its reception was mixed, however, and there have been a wide range of views and perspectives on the impact of Speakers' Corner in increasing the space for free speech and the freedom to assemble. By Paul Williams on October 25, 2020 • ( 72) In the East they just believe what they are told just like kids being told about Santa Claus. 2008 PEMA Order, paras. Watch and learn, Kmak. [14] Speakers had to be Singapore citizens,[15] as the Government was concerned that the venue should not be used by foreigners "to pursue their own agenda whether in respect of their own domestic issues, or those of other countries, including Singapore's". The number of individuals registering dropped from 102 to 57 during the same periods. [8], Speakers' Corner was launched on 1 September 2000[9] at Hong Lim Park, a historical venue for political speeches and rallies. Suboor & Visitors | Speakers Corner | Scdawah ChannelHashim's Back! Abdal-Hakim Murad Art Beauty Bible Biblical scholarship Books Christian extremism Christianity Extremism God Hadith History Homosexuality Islam Islamophobia Judaism Life in the West London Missionaries News Politics Quotation Quran Recommended Reading Science Silly Speakers Corner Terrorism Utterly idiotic Wisdom I believe I was one of the first to pull it apart and denounce it io You Tube about eight years ago. Sickness,,given what I have provided you with, is a state of mind. I am sorry but the narrative has holes in it as Yasir Qadhi said. What he has is an ego and what he lacks is common sense. Remember what Bilal Phillips said they will leave in avalanches and tsunamis. Pity a little slap send her into a fake coma where she needs her whole body looked over and becomes unconcious. Gees mate you do it every Friday morning at the mosque. Maybe it is Islam which is fraught with sickness. [16] They also had to register their intention to speak with a police officer at the Kreta Ayer NPP any time within 30 days before the public speaking,[17] although there was no need to inform the police of the topic of the proposed speech. The major difference between the two, is that Santa Claus is a fantasy which brings pleasure to young kids. There was a crowd of people there but I cant be certain it was the same time as she was speaking. These restrictions made it a lengthy and difficult process to obtain the licence required to address a public gathering. That is how we do things in The West. In addition, the organizer or an authorized agent had to be present at all times during the exhibition or performance,[27] the event could not contain violent, lewd or obscene messages,[28] no banners or placards could be carried by participants,[29] and the event could not be an assembly or procession for which a permit was required under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) (Assemblies and Processions) Rules. I don’t agree with the attacker but noway he got a plan to attack Hatun on his head when he left home to speaker corner, that was a spontaneous reaction. So she said belt me in the head and I shall be martyred and everyone will feel sorry for me. Currently the dam is sitting at 97%. “Christians” who rape are by default not followers of Christ Jesus and shouldn’t call themselves Christians. [42] Banners, films, flags, photographs, placards, posters, signs, writing or other visible representations or paraphernalia containing violent, lewd or obscene material must not be displayed or exhibited. [5] The following year, the Government decided to go ahead despite its fear of potential public disorder, as the idea enjoyed widespread support from the public and civil society groups. That Muslims had been lied to for centuries. But in the rest of the world we do kill people. Likewise, it is not your fault that you have been lied to as have your parents and their parents over the centuries. Born 1939 – died 26 June 2020. Thousands of free speech enthusiasts, alongside a handful of hard-left and Islamist opposition, gathered at Speakers' Corner in London’s Hyde Park this afternoon to hear a speech written by Generation Identity’s Martin Sellner, delivered by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson. I would bet an onion to a snowflake he knows a great deal more about your religion than you do. Since the launch, a stone plaque and cast iron… At Speakers' Corner today I bumped into notorious far-right activist Jack Buckby. You choose. I look forward to your answer. But Hatun was not an innocent victim. Cast of characters. If he doesn’t he loses all credibility. These are Muslims talking…You won’t watch it because your faith is not strong enough already. As Speakers' Corner was intended to increase avenues available for the exercise of free speech, the pieces of subsidiary legislation regulating the venue were issued to provide that public speaking and demonstrations there are not subject to the PEMA and POA if the conditions specified in the subsidiary legislation are complied with. [50] On 19 September 2008, Thamiselvan Karuppaya, an Indian real estate agent who wished to speak at Speakers' Corner about the use of Tamil on public signs, had to change his plans after being informed by the police that he required a permit as the topic of his speech was racially sensitive. Sole free speech zone in Hong Lim Park, Singapore. In particular Speakers’ Corner was home of the notorious Tyburn hanging tree. "[52], The government has also shown itself to be sensitive to calls for greater liberalisation on the ground, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong acknowledging incremental changes to the rules and regulations at Speakers' Corner to be necessary for "more citizens to engage in debate" and to "progressively open up our system even more". Surah 3.54. No normal person would excuse assaulting a frail woman for such a pathetic reason. It was launched on 1 September 2000 by the Singapore Government as a venue for "free speech area" where speaking events could be held without the need to apply for a licence under the Public Entertainments Act (Cap. by Chris Riddell for The Grid TO | Published January 7th, 2014. I do not have an irrational fear of Islam. That is what people in the West tend to do. I attended speakers corner on 23.9.18 to give a speech on injustice. I do not think Jesus could have anybody’s wife if he fancied her like Muhammad could. Speakers Corner: No speakers today! Also, people might feel that the venue is not always the best place "to meaningfully and constructively press their views on issues". I dont know how she would of dealt with the daily beating, torture, rape of Bosnian women by christians 20 years ago if a simple slap shes been wanting for so long puts her into a come. Egor: . The designated space occupied a new landscaped extension to the city's Old Market Square, at the junction of King Street and Queen Street. Some argue that it simply means weeping valley.Now Mecca would not be referred to as a valley of any kind. Also, the problem is the with the authorization and references. The home that Muhammad allegedly lived in? On the same day, the Public Order (Unrestricted Area) Order 2009 ("2009 POA Order")[40] made pursuant to the Act declared that Speakers' Corner was an unrestricted area in which assemblies and processions could be held without the need for a police permit. [30], With effect from 1 September 2008, under the Public Entertainments and Meetings (Speakers' Corner) (Exemption) Order 2008 ("2008 PEMA Order"),[31] responsibility for registering people wishing to speak or stage an exhibition or performance at Speakers' Corner was taken over from the police by the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation by way of an amendment to the Parks and Trees Regulations. 3(1)(c); 2009 POA Order, para. 15 of 2009) ("POA")). Sam, I do not think Jesus was getting his kicks on route 66 like Muhammad was. [41] Thus, at present, Speakers' Corner is concurrently regulated by the Parks and Trees Regulations, and by exemption orders issued under the PEMA and POA. Maybe a wadi would be acceptable. Thanks Abdullah You are correct BUT doesn’t it seem strange that you have both Bakkar and Makkar,.and only once or twice. It was incitement, pure and simple and any normal person would say she is asking for it. I despise her, I don’t understand why some Muslims entertain her. Check out both letters my friend. I wonder if those women praying in that Church were in the least provocative. In fact, many academics know more about Islam and its history than Muslims on the whole do. What does this tell you? Clearly the source of this religion is Satan… what is good about this copy and corrupt paste faith that gives birth to IslamoFascists? 257, 2001 Rev. It’s not good for either party, we will be keep burning bridges. Even satan worshiping One God Alone not a human. I am sorry to tell you the papers you are reading are being produced by the Tim Flannery types’ of Islam In other words they will be playing on the Islamic court and no where else. Such activities are heavily restricted in … If they came out and told you what they really believe, they would be hardly considered scholars anymore. Abdullah I appreciate your reply but you lose it at the end. She finally got what she wanted. 3(1)(d) and 3(2)(e); 2009 POA Order, paras. Also, I understand Islam and its goals better than you. This is not a ‘free speech’ issue it is something else. [71], In July 2009, the police installed closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras for "safety and security". Do you believe God exist? The key fact here, is Islam goes with King. Now Gibson went a wide range of 7th Century mosques and guess what, all qiblas pointed to Petra. The Left, in their ignorance, have not realised that they are still non Muslims and will eventually be treated the same as everybody else. He strikes a foot woman who would be lucky to be forty kilos wringing wet. ("PEMA"). Do not run away from it. We are told he married Aisha. What planet are you from? [38], The Public Order Act,[39] intended to regulate public assemblies and processions and to introduce new powers for the preservation of public order, came into force on 9 October 2009. Egor claims that all hadith are weak because they were put to paper later. Who had a wife called Zaynab? This is not good for us. Amy Dalla Mura was well known at Speakers’ Corner as “bacon lady”. You are an educated man and you are not stupid. Defenders of Hatun are being very naive. It was a great experience and I will definitely be returning. She always wanted to be slapped out at hyde park now she has her badge of honour. Under Article 14(2)(b), the right of assembly may also be limited for public order reasons. 2008 PEMA Order, paras. Located in Hyde park it is easy to get to either on foot or by the tube . Islamic YouTuber Mohammed Hijab, who billed it as “the battle for Speakers’ Corner” on social media ahead of the demo, claims in a speech at the start of the video that it is Tommy Robinson and his supporters constantly engaged in violence and that the Muslim … Metropolitan Police officer nearly blinded at Speakers Corner today as Tommy Robinson speaks. [54] The penalty for displaying anything violent, lewd or obscene at a demonstration is a fine not exceeding $3,000 or, on a subsequent conviction, $5,000. [45] In January 2008, the Complaints Choir, a vocal group participating in the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2008, was denied the chance to perform at Speakers' Corner and other outdoor venues unless the six foreigners in the group of 50 did not participate in the performance. Egor: Why not go with the scholars. Public Entertainments and Meetings (Speakers' Corner) (Exemption) Order 2008 (S 426/2008) ("2008 PEMA Order"). 2) Order 2011 (S 493/2011) (issued under the PEMA) and the Public Order (Unrestricted Area) (No. Why not go with the scholars. Another extremist from Speakers’ Corner jailed today By bloggingtheologycom on December 16, 2019 • ( 0) Brexit activist who left former MP Anna Soubry afraid to travel alone in public jailed for harassment. Egor: Prove to me Muhammad existed without using the narrative and do my quiz. I have known about speakers corner for a long time but had never been able to go during previous visits to London . Ed.) Events adhering to the regulations are not immune from other existing laws such as those relating to defamation and sedition. [7] In response, Wong said there was nothing to prevent Jeyaretnam from making a speech at Speakers' Corner, but that the public forum for a proper policy debate was in Parliament: It is not just a question of symbolism. Established as a site for execution possibly as early as 1108, the first actual record of an execution at Tyburn was in 1196. It seem like I am forced to call her on Skype and destroy her and I will show her that I’m greater than her afterwards, I will destroy her. The same goes for all you so called Muslims on this blog. Hatun was physically assaulted at Speakers’ Corner today. Paul Williams the Great Deflector. Will be returning school. She is a victim, but not an innocent one. 2008 PEMA Order, paras. Where do you think the Quran came from? It has been called an "exercise in tokenism" for the purpose of preserving a literal "space" for engaging in free speech while also "cornering" it in that space. It is not going to happen. I explain why I have no sympathy for this woman. me man, me take no disrespec from der um woman innit. Estimates of the number of people who attended ranged from 1,000 to 2,500 people. Speakers' Corner is an area located within Hong Lim Park, Singapore, where citizens and permanent residents of Singapore may demonstrate, hold exhibitions and performances, and speak freely on most topics after prior registration on a government website. This view is shared by Professor Bilveer Singh, a political science analyst at the National University of Singapore, who has pointed to large turnouts at events organized at Speakers' Corner as evidence that Singaporeans are "not fearful and not politically apathetic. She has brought this on herself: consciously, with forethought and foresight about what will happen. These are Muslims talking. [43] Persons making speeches must use any of the four official languages of Singapore or related dialects,[44] and organizers of demonstrations must be present throughout the event. No topic is considered so sacred that it above criticism. Some of their older offerings are now considered to be vintage, including items like standalone speakers, floor speakers, desk speakers, and wall-mounted speakers. I would think a little hanky panky went on here. Now everybody does. “Speakers’ Corner” What should it mean today? There is a great history behind the reason/ purpose of the corner and there are a few information panels which give a brief over view of its history . Its origins, though, go back centuries. But how can I do that with a person who doesn’t see any meaing and sacrcy about his parents? It appears to me everything that happens in the world is not the fault of Islam and you are the true victims. The large paved space includes the new statue of Brian Clough, the former manager of Derby County and Nottingham Forest, who forged ties between the two cities which were famous for loc… It was incitement, pure and simple and any normal person would say she is asking for it.” – No. There’s absence of meaning and sacracy. [16] However, speakers were not permitted to deal with any matter which related either directly or indirectly to any religious belief or to religion generally, or which might cause feelings of enmity, hatred, ill-will or hostility between different racial or religious groups in Singapore. The question is why didn’t she turn the other cheek? Our Hope for Singapore @ Speakers Corner (Part 1), Our Hope For Singapore @ Speakers Corner (Part 2), Singapore Iranian Student Protest at Speakers Corner on 11 Feb (Musical), Speakers Corner: People, Protests, Freedom, Constitution of the Republic of Singapore, Minister for Communication, Information and the Arts, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in Singapore, Review Publishing Co. Ltd. v. Lee Hsien Loong, "Seen and heard: It's not Hyde Park, but Speakers' Corner gives Singapore's people greater voice",, "Protests may be allowed at Speakers' Corner", "M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2008: Complaints Choir Project urgent update", "Policy on Complaints Choir an Exception: Boon Yang", Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, "Silence easiest option at Speakers' Corner", "Record 28,000 gather at Hong Lim Park for annual Pink Dot rally", "Over 4,000 turn up at event to raise awareness about special needs community", "Worldwide: Few dare to raise their voices at the Singapore Speakers' Corner", "A spot for Speakers' Corner despite growing blogosphere", Police Licensing Computerised System (PLUS), Singapore Police Force,,_Singapore&oldid=989299324, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from August 2017, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. (English and French subtitles) Goddamn it, that Hatun Trash again she strikes….. The event attracted 4,000 participants. He was telling his story and I felt so sad for him. It is not a totalitarian shariah hellhole. Congratulations for claiming your a historian and feeling good in that moment, but that moment has passed and reality is your not a honest man. People are saying now that Mecca was found to the south of Ur close to the ancient city of Hira. Speakers and demonstration organizers must be Singapore citizens, while participants at demonstrations must be either citizens or permanent residents. I cannot (otherwise) describe how precise it is. Baa Baa. Where people cannot debate they label, just like you are doing. [61] This is reflected in the relative lack of progress towards liberalization in other areas such as awards of high damages in libel lawsuits brought by politicians which has been said to have a chilling effect on political speech in Singapore. Notice the replys to this question offer no arguments as usual. Paul, I guess you are the mouth while our hooded friend was the hand. [21] As a result of the incident, Chee was barred from contesting the 2006 general elections. This is indeed a real problem in the world of post-modernism. [65] Although Dr. Kenneth Paul Tan, Assistant Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, has noted that initial cynicism was inevitable as Speakers' Corner was a top-down initiative, he recognizes that civil society activists have since actively occupied and made use of Speakers' Corner to generate public interest in various social and political issues. In a 1999 interview with New York Times columnist William Safire, the Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong said the idea had first been suggested by the Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew, but Goh felt that it was not yet the right time to set it up. He started seeing what it was really all about. It is symbolism in the sense that, yes, if you want a place, there is a place. Vizio, Polk, Bose, JBL, Sony & Samsung) … Courage most demands our respect when it incurs risk without selfish motivation. [26], In 2002, exhibitions and performances were also permitted to be held at Speakers' Corner. He has awards stacked to the roof. 2) Order 2011 (S 494/2011) (issued under the Public Order Act 2009 (No. [10] The park's proximity to the Kreta Ayer Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP) also made it convenient for people to register to speak at the venue. To argue that life has no meaning in the West, where as Islam does, is like saying some people like meat and others do not. But for free speech, I think we must not delude ourselves. Hatun has every right, at Speakers Corner, to say what she wants. It has to do with the fact that (1) I rely on peer reviewed journal articles and other ACADEMIC publications for knowledge, and (2) David Wood is a psychopath and an Islamophobe who gets paid specifically to produce garbage content. Egor claims there are no references to Muhammad prior to 698 CE. Speakers' Corner was turned into a … That is right, Jesus did not have sex slaves or any slaves for that matter. You can find vintage sound equipment in a range of colors, sizes, and styles. If they came out and told you what they really believe, they would be hardly considered scholars anymore. Egor: Kmak Gees next year I may have a different point of view to what I have now – based on the available evidence that is being presented. Matching the right video, with the right buyers, fast. Change ), Dr JDG Dunn, British New Testament scholar, Professor of Divinity at the University of Durham. With effect from 1 December 2009, the size of Speakers' Corner was reduced so that it only occupies the half of Hong Lim Park nearer New Bridge Road. Egor: Why wouldn’t scholars lie to you, Kmak? [66] On 23 January 2009 during an event at Speakers' Corner, the National Solidarity Party gave its views on the national budget one day after it was announced, criticizing the Government for not doing enough to assist unemployed breadwinners during the recession. Is The Holy Spirit inside her? It is an attempt to engineer and manipulate the emotions of some volatile Muslims to strike back verbally or physically. The first time Muhammad’s name comes up in rock inscriptions is not until 698 CE. Thousands of demonstrators poured into Hyde Park today for a mass rally against the Israeli military offensive in Gaza. She had an insulting cartoon of Muhammad and kept on putting it up next to her face and smiling. But this is not normal behaviour. You won’t watch it because your faith is not strong enough already. They were highly provocative while on their knees praying. Her desired goal is obvious: martyrdom. So I can come up with stuff that the average Muslim has no idea about what I am talking about. I admire her immensely. Hope you get a taste of that one day so you can have pity on yourself, and “pretend” to go into a coma. ( Log Out /  3(1)(d) and 4(1)(d). While Petra, with its earthquakes, could be most certainly referred to as a weeping valley. They have been lying to you for centuries so why not stay in the river of lies. I would be very surprised if you could say the same. She wanted it to be seen by Muslims (who else?). That’s because there’s nothing original about Egor’s claims. Islam claims it is the perfect religion. You are the know all so please where can I find one. There are are nine different forms of deceit in Islam and I am sure this fits in there somewhere. ( Log Out /  Persons making speeches must use any of the four official languages of Singapore (English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil) or related dialects, and organizers of demonstrations must be present throughout the event. [12], Speakers' Corner was established by the issuance of the Public Entertainments (Speakers' Corner) (Exemption) Order 2000,[13] which exempted people wishing to speak in Hong Lim Park from the need to apply for a licence under the Public Entertainments Act. 3(1) and 3(2)(a); 2009 POA Order, paras. He can do so in any place he wants, subject to the rules of the land. In response to these free speech concerns, Speakers' Corner was created as local adaptation of the Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, London, in 2000. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It is as shaky as a tin cup in an earthquake. Actually, Mecca is mentioned in the Quran, which obviously dates from the lifetime of the prophet who we know died in AD632. Truth be known, PHDs are a dime a dozen now days but I do applaud you on your academic achievement. King, in the greater part of his research worked off documentation probably produced in various centuries but chiefly from those we see the narrative coming from to wit the 8th, 9th and 10th centuries. Our Speakers Corner was launched at “Expression of Humanity- A Migrant’s Journey” on 23 October. Public Entertainments and Meetings (Speakers' Corner) (Exemption) Order 2008 (S 426/2008) ("2008 PEMA Order"), para. . Is that what some of you Muslims are suggesting? In the old days the West was not concerned about Islam. Speakers' Corner today. Scholars are liars, says the random Islamophobe on the internet. Speakers corner is a beacon of free speech & freedom across the world. Muhammad exists only if Mecca existed. For example, Egor claims Muslims originally faced Petra in their prayers. He was telling his audience how his fear of going to Hell and have Shaytan pour molten lead over his head scared him right through his childhood. You don’t even dare answer my questions..LOL. Says it all doesnt it? A true hero. When I open, for instance, the latest issue of the Journal of Quranic studies, I see articles such as ‘Conflict and Conciliation in the Meccan and Median Quran’ and ‘Towards and Abrahamic Religion: Developments in Later Meccan Surahs’. Hatun is an extremist missionary who clearly wants to be martyred for her cause. They either know what you’re saying is true or are too ignorant to care. … Courage is a virtue when we choose to do good, especially when that is most difficult. and in 2012 when Australia had its last La Nina, he announced Australia would not see the Warragamba Dam in Sydney ever full again. All the attacks around the world are being carried out by Christians. So he tried so hard to earn Allah’s blessing. I wonder what that makes you? 3(1)(b) and 4(1)(b). Why won’t the Saudis allow archaeologists dig around Mecca? Your scholars are more aware that western academics can see through the preservation story/. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. In short, Islamophobia is an emerging comparative concept in the social sciences’ (Erik Bleich, ,2016, Defining and Researching Islamophobes). A Positive Sports Experience for Everyone As a catalyst for a positive youth sports culture in all communities across the U.S., Positive Coaching Alliance provides research-based training and resources for coaches, parents, athletes and leaders to improve culture and ensure a positive youth development experience for ALL kids through sports. In addition, rules on voice amplification were revised to allow the use of self-powered amplification devices like loudhailers from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.[33][35] This relaxation of the rules potentially allows for speakers' messages to be heard by larger audiences. Such activities are heavily restricted in other parts of Singapore. I said the first time Muhammad appears on a rock inscription was 698 CE. Fear of the Hell Fire which it shoves down the minds of the young Muslims from their birth. 216, Rg. She is deliberately provoking a response. It is the oldest living free speech platform in the world. Dis woman is der trash she no do as commanded by man, “It was provocative and insulting. While Muhammad the messenger of “the best of deceivers” said the hand, the mouth and the heart. So the hooded, bearded ruffian denied he was a Muslim and saoid he was a Christian. In the Islamic world that makes you a bit of a giant. 257, 1985 Rev. Is it just me or is there a difference there, Sam? Then when I was looking at the weather in Australia, it was obvious they were going to have another La Nina this year. That is rather humorous as the father of Abd al Malik’s father, Caliph Marwan also had a mother Amina, a wife Zaynab and another wife Aisha. biatches best do what we say ight. [59], In his 2008 National Day Rally speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong indicated that the purpose behind various government policies, including the creation of Speakers' Corner, was to "liberalise our society, to widen the space for expression and participation". It was Petra. We license premium user generated video to media publishers, producers, brands, and creatives around the world. - See 312 traveler reviews, 134 candid photos, and great deals for London, UK, at Tripadvisor. That was when she pulled the cartoon and the holey Quran out. ), now the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act (, Public Entertainments and Meetings (Speakers' Corner) (Exemption) Order (, Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) (Assemblies and Processions) Rules (. | Infographic Video. [76], In September 2010, Today newspaper reported that statistics from the National Parks Board indicated that the number of groups registering to stage events at Speakers' Corner had fallen from 39 between September 2008 and August 2009, to nine between September 2009 and August 2010. Jesus said do not lift a hand in my name. Peter Bradley describes a British initiative promoting free expression, public debate and active citizenship. [74], A commemorative birthday memorial was organized for J.B. Jeyaretnam, the late leader of the opposition Reform Party, at Speakers' Corner on 5 January 2010. 257, 1985 Rev. Both were 10” 2-way sealed speakers, using in-house designed and built drivers. “We know Mecca did not exist until post 841 CE.”. In 2010, a Speakers' Corner was established to acknowledge this history and encourage peaceful gatherings in that area. Everyone with a camera should just ignore her and stop exploiting her sickness, It is not the fault of Hatun that the preservation narrative in Islam is full of holes. [69] Held every year since, the event was attended by 28,000 people in 2015. So, what is the worry about having free speech? The grounds for restrictions are, for freedom of speech, Singapore's security, friendly relations with other states, public order, public morality, protecting parliamentary privilege, defamation, contempt of court and incitement to any criminal offence;[4] and for freedom of assembly, public order only. I am a social scientist by training (I have a PHD). However, it was necessary for people to register their intention to speak at the venue with a police officer at the Kreta Ayer Neighbourhood Police Post any time within 30 days before the event, though there was no requirement for the police to be informed of the topic of the proposed speech. In some cultures this might be seen as child abuse. As far as King vs Gibson. It was on that pathway that he lost Your meaning of life. You are hypocrites. Do you believe Allah SWT exist? So your argument for the existence of Muhammad is the narrative. Of course, we have a place to show. Public Entertainments Act (Cap. in the Quran. You must be mistaking it with Mohammad and Islam. [75] At the event, several opposition politicians shared with the public their experiences with Jeyaretnam. Clearly the source of this religion is Pagan. By Paul Williams on October 25, 2020 • ( 72 ). What are you going to do when the story becomes unstuck as appears to be happening? 4(1)(c). Events must not deal with any matter that relates directly or indirectly to any religious belief or to religion generally, or which may cause feelings of enmity, hatred, ill-will or hostility between different racial or religious groups in Singapore. The story of Speakers’ Corner may actually start over 800 years ago, in 1196, when the Tyburn Gallows were installed in Hyde Park near today’s location of Speakers’ Corner. Speakers' Corner is in an open public space that serves as a thoroughfare from George Street to the Queensland University of Technology Gardens Point campus. Good one, Tim. Participants from Myanmar were requested to remain outside a cordoned-off area since only Singaporeans and permanent residents may attend demonstrations at Speakers' Corner. [64], Despite such criticisms, some social activist groups remain optimistic that Speakers' Corner represents a step towards political liberalization and the promise of a wider political space. 5. So the Saudis are happy to destroy historical artefacts and homes to build sky scrapers. It is also a traditional place for rallies, protests, and marches to assemble or to end. A really devout Muslim. Speakers' Corner has been criticized as a token gesture, though others have pointed to its use by civil society activists as evidence that it has widened the political space in Singapore. Do you believe Jesus exist? Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. [25] The latter restriction was justified on the grounds that it would reduce noise pollution and prevent one speaker from drowning out another one, and that it also applied to Speakers' Corner in London. A minor change was also introduced to the conditions for the use of Speakers' Corner – no banner, film, photograph, placard or poster containing any violent, lewd or obscene material may be displayed or exhibited whether before, during or after the event. The story behind the groundbreaking local media phenomenon that transformed the corner of Queen and John into the world’s first YouTube. The police said that the cameras complemented the presence of their officers on the ground and did not record audio inputs. [32] To provide greater convenience, the National Parks Board made it possible for people to register online at its website. Responsibility for registering people wishing to speak or stage an exhibition or performance was taken over by the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, and online registration was introduced. I told you, you don’t even dare to answer my questions! 3(1)(b) and 3(2)(d); 2009 POA Order, paras. New ideas and old ones are analysed and critiqued to get a better understanding of both the idea and our position in relation to it. The Left, poor little snowflakes that they are, believe in labelling everybody who does not agree with them Islam is now doing he same. Watch the video: five speakers, five different perspectives on migration and on a welcoming Europe. Обратите внимание, что если вам не исполнилось 18 лет, вы не сможете получить доступ к этому сайту. I, in my life has no meaning position, see it as child abuse. She is cynically using useful idiots (liberals, secularists) for a very illiberal fundamentalist cause. I don’t know. Also, the Iraqis were known as the Keresh at that time. If the latter, he asked if the Minister would agree to an open debate with the Workers' Party of Singapore outside Parliament. The change was effected by the Public Entertainments and Meetings (Speakers' Corner) (Exemption) (Amendment No. 2008 PEMA Order, para. I am posting it in case you speak French. Public Order (Unrestricted Area) Order 2009 (S 491/2009) ("2009 POA Order"). Why do you want Muslim to prove this, prove that? PERLESMITH Speaker Stands Extend 30-45 Inch with Upgraded Cable Management, Hold Satellite, Small Bookshelf & Bluetooth Speakers up to 8lbs(i.e. Banners, films, flags, photographs, placards, posters, signs, writing or other visible representations or paraphernalia containing violent, lewd or obscene material must not be displayed or exhibited. It became possible to hold demonstrations provided they are organized by Singapore citizens and the participants are only citizens and permanent residents. I want to see a copy of the original Uthman codex. This is no where near where Mecca is today. No wonder Islam does not want people critiquing it because the babbling sheep will simply believe what they are told but they might see something which lights their light.. People are leaving in droves yet people like you want to rely on a narrative which a number of your own scholars are saying is nonsense. The problem with Islam is that it is based on fear and not love. This is false. 2008 PEMA Order, para. Please watch this clip in case you speak French. I might ask what was he reading before or was he told about his life having meaning. And I earnestly hope her wish is frustrated. [37] Hearers of Cries, a group concerned with the plight of abused maids, became the first group to hold a public outdoor demonstration at Speakers' Corner. Here is the footage. Yet, this is not the position of contemporary academic hadith scholars like Gregor Schoeler and Andreas Goerke who have used the isnad-cum-matn analogy to establish the reliability of numerous hadith. Courage is moral strength in the face of danger. Obviously I condemn the attack on Hatun the fanatical Christian missionary. I explain why I have no sympathy for this woman. [34] As the time period restriction was lifted, events can now be held around the clock. He can do so with the press. Today Speakers' Corner is a site for events and activities, as well as a destination for all the community to visit and have their say on topics close to their hearts. Prove to me Muhammad existed without using the narrative and do my quiz. I believe I was one of the first to pull it apart and denounce it io You Tube about eight years ago. She was being deliberately provocative. A narrative we know which has “Holes in It”.You have made your bed, so now you have to lie in it. You are a sheep and will continue to be so because you do not have the intelligence to question things which do not fit together historically. Does this look like a coincidence to you? The Saudis know it is rubbish because they know Mecca was not the original sanctity city. [63] The ban on racially or religiously sensitive speech has been criticized as possibly curtailing free speech on genuine political matters and limiting the scope of constitutionally entrenched fundamental liberties. [57], In 2011, the regulations creating Speakers' Corner were suspended and then restored twice: first for the purpose of the campaigning period during the general election,[58] and subsequently for the presidential election. New: Sex Matters - Islam and homosexuality, Why we should admit that the Qur'an is in conflict with modern science, A plea to Christians for moral consistency when rejecting Muhammad as a prophet of God, Twenty Arguments For The Existence Of God, How do we know God exists? Speakers’ Corner is located in the North East corner of Hyde Park near Marble Arch tube station. Oh great, another random idiot on the internet who thinks he’s got it all figured out! Why wouldn’t scholars lie to you, Kmak? You look so much like Paul who used to go to Speakers Corner. Speakers Corner Lichfield was launched in 2009 with the support of the Speakers' Corner Trust. That is what she is strategizing to achieve. [19] In July, Chee was convicted and fined S$3,000 for speaking without the required licence. Sean Anthony, Professor of Islamic Studies at Ohio University, shows in his book, Muhammad and the Empires of Faith, that Muhammad is mentioned by name in non-Muslim sources as early 637 CE. [70] On 31 May 2009, more than a hundred people attended a demonstration at Speakers' Corner organized by human rights advocacy group Maruah to call for Myanmar's military junta to release Aung San Suu Kyi. No Mecca then no Muhammad. “No topic is considered so sacred that it above criticism” The whole Mecca, Muhammad story is concocted in the 8th 9th and 10th century. You are also right that I am an educated man. Chee's speech sparked heated exchanges involving the Sikh practice of wearing turbans. I do not speak French, but I have watched this clip for Michel Onfray with Arabic subtitle. Sound familiar – Quraysh. There was a great mix of people, debating a range of topics. So he did his research so he could better answer them. The word Hatun or Khatun (“K” is silent in Turkish pronunciation) is as an honorific for a woman mainly since the Ottoman period (similar to the English word “Lady”). Like most Turkish honorifics, it is used after the first name. It was officially inaugurated by Jack Straw, the UK Justice Secretary, on 22 February 2009. The first time Mecca appears on a Map is 741 CE. Maybe the French are waking up to your antics finally.. Maybe it is time for the British to do so. 3(2) and 4(2); POA, s. 15(1). In contrast, some of Wood’s recent videos are ‘Why Muslims should be happy about Muhammad cartoons?’ and ‘Will the real Allah please stand up?’. If Islam is the reall reason for life then the world is not a place I want to be in the future. Singapore's political model has been described as a representative democracy,[1] and Singaporeans have constitutional rights to freedom of speech and assembly under Articles 14(1)(a) and (b) of the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore. Muhammad would be rolling over in his grave at your cowardice. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What are you people talking about? Truth: Notice the replys to this question offer no arguments as usual. Ed. When Maccron said “Islām is experiencing a crisis with all the world” = Islām is the only thing that retains the meaning for this life, so no wonder that there’s a crisis between a world with no meaning and a world full of meaning. That was not freedom of speech but freedom of hates. You are a person who has gone from being an East Anglian Methodist to being a Muhammadan revert and you are telling people she “wants to be martyred for the cause”. Answer this little quiz, Kmak should be easy for a man of your jurisprudence. Where is your condemnation. Wonder why people are calling her (just) Hatun. He saw Speakers' Corner as "playing the same role as envisaged – mostly dormant but good to have".[66]. 100% true, clearly she wanted this happened, she was a provocator, she had a plan, she had an agenda what to bring to speaker corner. The move drew some negative reactions from the public. However, the PEMA and POA, which require permits to be obtained before public meetings and assemblies can be held, were enacted pursuant to exceptions to these rights. Speaking out at Speaker's Corner London (Photo by sebduggan under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence) You don’t like how we live our lives then leave. [20] Under the Constitution of Singapore, a person who has been fined at least $2,000 cannot stand for election to Parliament for five years. Home › Anti-Islam › Hatun was physically assaulted at Speakers’ Corner today. He may well have said this to the police in order to deflect public anger from other Muslims, but any man who is prepared to knock out a woman who says things he disagrees with is also likely to be a liar as well as a coward. But according to David Shapcott, some random idiot on the internet, Hatun is courageous because she is a Islamophobic a$$hole. You don’t seem to get it. Khadija – the first mother – and Muhammad – the alleged last prophet. When she countered them, one of them lashed out. Now while you think David Wood is below you for what ever reason. How many 7th Century mosques did King go to? 2008 PEMA Order, paras. It came from the Bible probably the Old Testament as it is the most deplorable; the Torah and from the pagans. 3(1)(a), 4(1)(a) and 4(1)(aa), amended by the Public Order (Unrestricted Area) (Amendment) Order 2009 (S 547/2009). Egor: So I can come up with stuff that the average Muslim has no idea about what I am talking about. This was what she wanted, she got it. B&W has been producing speakers and other forms of audio equipment since 1966. . ‘In recent years, Islamophobia has evolved from a primarily political concept toward one increasingly deployed for analytical purposes. provocateur of freedom of speech and exposer of the fake prophet Mohammad who foisted the biggest hoax on mankind and called it Islam. The first official Speakers' Corner outside London opened in Nottingham in 2009. Speakers' Corner in London is well known as the home of free speech, where anyone can get on their soapbox and make their voice heard. Here is the footage. I have a hunch that if Hatun were white woman, the reaction to that incident by christians and others would be very different. In short, both you and Egor are full of $hit. Nor do I think Jesus was shagging his sex slaves like Muhammad. Gee Sam, I thought Allah was God. Love your enemy is just BS! [49], Crucially, events held at Speakers' Corner must not deal with any matter that relates directly or indirectly to any religious belief or to religion generally, or which may cause feelings of enmity, hatred, ill-will or hostility between different racial or religious groups in Singapore. Well that is a convincing argument. But I can see why Islam lean towards King. [36], In the first month after public demonstrations were permitted at Speakers' Corner, 11 out of the 31 applications received were indicated as being public protests. [22], Other conditions imposed on a speech at Speakers' Corner were that it had to take place only between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on the date notified by the person to the police,[23] had to be in any of Singapore's four official languages (English, Malay, Mandarin or Tamil) or any related dialects,[24] and the use of sound amplification devices was prohibited. [73] From 1 March 2012, Speakers' Corner was expanded to include an area behind Kreta Ayer NPP, near the junction of North Canal Road and South Bridge Road. One only has to look at “climate change” to see the trash that is coming out in “academic papers and journals”. We are told Muhammad ‘s mother was Amina. Kmam I am intrigued that a social scientist like yourself would get so angry and abusive over somebody putting forward a theory which perhaps counters yours. With so many Muslims moving to Western countries, Islam needed to be critiqued in the universities so that Western people can have an understanding of the new religion in their midst. Now one can put it down to evil on her part or mental illness. He even went as far as to a mosque in China. Public Entertainments (Speakers' Corner) (Exemption) Order 2000 (S 364/2000) ("2000 PEA Order"), in force on 1 September 2000. You are right that I have 0 interesting in watching David Wood videos, but that has nothing to do with the strength of my faith. It simply doesn’t matter what your opinions on the origins of Islam are. The so called Islamic way of life was a lie. All the hadiths, you know the narratives like those found in Sahih Al-Bukari and Muslim were not put to paper until 240 years after Muhammad’s death. Our unique community gathers in Hyde Park every Sunday from about midday till long after dark. You despise her because she is shattering the myth which is the narrative of Islam. In his judgment, District Judge Kow Keng Siong emphasized the twin considerations of public order and national security in multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore, finding that Chee's speech had bred social unrest. A normal person would say that this kind of animalistic behaviour doesn’t belong here because it is a free democratic country, and speakers corner is where indigenous British people have been able to express their thoughts, unmolested, for centuries! Egor: Kmak What a stupid word. Take it from a scholar, you and Wood are full of $hit. It is a question of whether he is prepared to have it or not. The Saudis especially know this but Islam and the Sharia is the way in which they control the people. I don’t know. The conditions that organizers and participants had to adhere to were broadly similar to those applying to speeches.

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